WeLCoMe To WaSaBi iZaKaYa

We are a unique taste of Japan in Kelowna, B.C. and we invite you to discover new flavors and excite your senses with our delicious Japanese Tapas menu.

Owner and Chef, Jyunya Nakamura would like to introduce Kelowna to a new taste of Japanese food and a new style of Japanese restaurant. He delivers a creative and innovative menu combining traditional Japanese fare with a modern twist.

You may notice that rolled sushi is just a small section of the menu. That is because Wasabi Izakaya is not a sushi restaurant … it is an “Izakaya” restaurant and offers a wide selection of authentic Japanese tapas-style food.

Wasabi Izakaya serves delicious tempura, sushi and sashimi, refreshing salads, flavorful teryaki and many specialty dishes that you will not find anywhere else.

While perfect for a cosy dinner for two, we are also able to accommodate large groups for birthdays, staff parties, Christmas parties, whatever your celebration may be.

We invite you to experience Japanese dining in our warm and inviting atmosphere with great service by our super friendly staff.